7½ Phere (2005)

You can watch 7½ Phere on Jomovies.com... 7½ Phere: More Than a Wedding is a 2005 Bollywood comedy film directed by Ishaan Trivedi and produced by Sonal Malhotra and Nimit Modawal. It stars Juhi Chawla and Irfan Khan in lead roles. The film was released in India on 29 July 2005 with mixed response. The so awaited release of 7½ Phere was on 2005-07-29 and it has a total duration of 136 minutes. You can watch full movies using services like Netflix, hulu, HBO, torrent etc.

  • Ishaan Trivedi

Source language: en
Release: 2005-07-29
Running Time: 136 min

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  • Who directed 7½ Phere? 7½ Phere was directed by Ishaan Trivedi
  • Who started in 7½ Phere? 7½ Phere was starred by Irrfan Khan and Juhi Chawla
  • What day did 7½ Phere premiere?7½ Phere was release on 2005-07-29
  • How long is 7½ Phere?7½ Phere has a total playtime of 136 minutes.
  • Which language was used to roll 7½ Phere?7½ Phere was filmed in en